Treat yourself to a Virtual Assistant

Keep moving in work and in life

A Virtual Assistant (VA) manages your busy schedule so that you can move faster. Just imagine, an efficient, remote personal assistant who is always there for you and comes to your office, if you require. Who has all the qualities you need and immediately understands what you mean. You delegate a task and your VA is on it right away. You get an extra right hand and left brain. And you remain flexible: you can choose for a VA on project basis, ‘steady’ cooperation at an hourly rate or a subscription.

Put your Virtual Assistant to work

Delegate all your support tasks to your virtual assistant. Have a look at the possibilities. Virtually everything is negotiable:

  • Answering your email
  • Keeping your accounts
  • Making and booking travelling arrangements
  • Updating contacts and databases
  • Reminding you of things you would otherwise forget
  • Calling customers
  • Placing orders
  • Searching the internet
  • Organizing events: lunches, dinners, seminars etc.
  • Updating your website and social media
  • Writing blogs
  • Having your company logo designed
  • Booking theatre tickets
  • Reserving a table in your favourite restaurant
  • Making a dental appointment

In fact, your Virtual Assistant will do almost anything for you except pour your coffee…


Our rates depend on the type of tasks you want your VA to take care of as well as the skill set you require from your VA.
Rates VA Basic
Rates VA Exec
Rates VA Pro

It is also possible to directly hire a Virtual Assistant yourself (see also E-recruitment). Naturally, Moneypenny offers phone answering service as well, whether or not in combination with a Virtual Assistant. Feel free to contact us to discuss options.