As of June 5th 2012 the cookies legislation has been in force. This implies that website visitors must be adequately informed of the placement of cookies. Moneypenny makes use of cookies for measuring web statistics among its visitors. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer by which you may be recognized on a repeat visit. Companies are required to explain the purpose of the use of cookies. The OPTA supervises the compliance with the cookies legislation.

No personal data

Cookies only contain (unique) ID numbers. No personal data. Therefore, Moneypenny is not able to use cookies for personal identification. Neither can cookies be used to identify you on websites of third parties.

Google Analytics

During your visit a cookie is placed to register your visit anonymously. In this way Moneypenny collects statistics to analyze the use of the website. Based on the results, the necessary adjustments are made to improve the user friendliness of the site and to for instance give a popular page a more prominent place. All this is done to reach maximal user friendliness.


Are you opposed to the use of cookies? No problem. You can block cookies with the settings on your browser (internet programme). Not accepting cookies does not affect the use of the website.