Moneypenny handles personal information with the greatest care. Let us explain this in a little more detail:


Moneypenny monitors data on website visits. This is done via so called cookies: small pieces of computer codes non-traceable to specific persons, enabling us to ascertain a person’s origin as well as the number of repeat visits versus single visits. The use of cookies helps us to improve the Moneypenny services. Information gathered by Moneypenny shall exclusively be used for the purposes described above. Personal information shall never be released to third parties.

Upon registration as a flexible co-worker or self employes worker (contractor)

In order to register as a co-worker or self employed worker you will have to fill in a form with personal information. Such data will be saved by Moneypenny to keep you informed of Moneypenny’s activities, complaints and related matters in future. The data also serve as a basis for recruitment and selection for new assignments. They will under no condition be released to others besides Moneypenny and the person(s) in charge of the assignment or job that you apply for.