What is a Virtual Assistant?

Do I always collaborate with the same Virtual Assistant?

What happens if my Virtual Assistant is ill or on holiday?

What if the collaboration with my regular Virtual Assistant is not as expected?

Can I terminate the contract if I do not like working with a Virtual Assistant?

What happens if I do not use up my subscription hours in a certain month? Can I add them to next month’s hours?

If my Virtual Assistant is on holiday and I do not need a replacement, do I still have to pay that month’s subscription fee?

What about privacy, confidentiality and security as to my (company) data?

Perhaps I will be so pleased with my Virtual Assistant that I wish to hire her/him directly.

How does it actually work: remote-collaboration?

Do I collaborate direct with my Virtual Assistant or do all assignments have to go via Moneypenny?

Can I have my Virtual Assistant answer the phone?

Suppose I have more work than my Virtual Assistant can handle? What happens then?

What if I have a job for which my Virtual Assistant is not qualified?

Can my Virtual Assistant take care of payments for me?