Outsource your secretarial office: smart and low cost

The secretarial office often is a problematic department with a lot of part-timers, pregnancy leavers, high turnover and little continuity. Moneypenny will help you to make your secretarial office the core of your operation again. And to cut cost at the same time.

Outsource your secretarial office – application of future of work principles

Do you want to get rid of all your organizational, technical and HR fuss of your secretarial pool? Just outsource your secretarial office! From one secretary to a complete virtual department with experienced secretaries and assistants. They work from their professional home offices using flexible work methods and come in turn one or two days a week to your office. Contact us right away and we will immediately assist you further!

How does outsourcing your secretarial office work?

You will always maintain a sufficient work force for office bound tasks such as receiving guests and handling mail. The remaining work – telephone, scheduling appointments, correspondence, arrangement and organizational activities are carried out by flexible workers from home. Moneypenny designs the work processes and supplies the accompanying ICT solutions. And, of course, we also take care of recruitment, selection and management and guidance of the secretaries and assistants. Outsourcing your secretarial office to Moneypenny leaves you with nothing to worry about ever again!