Taking meeting minutes

Taking minutes is a specialized job, reason why many organizations have become Moneypenny’s regular customers. They know that we have built up a fantastic pool of first-rate specialists in this field in the course of the years. Also, that you are always welcome at Moneypenny even for small and incidental assignments.

Need someone to take meeting minutes? Request a Moneypenny specialist

Our experienced minute secretaries will provide you with perfect reports. Let one of our correct Moneypenny-specialists attend your meeting and professional minutes will be made at home. In fact, our minute secretary need not even come to the meeting. If you forward a recording of the meeting, you will get an accurate report, remotely made.

Expert minute secretaries

Do you need to have meeting minutes taken on a regular basis? We can provide you with a team of steady external minute secretaries, if desired with a background in your field of expertise. This is especially useful for meetings of for example a very technical, medical or otherwise specialized nature. Of course, we guarantee watertight confidentiality agreements just like you have with your own office work force.

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Discuss without any commitment your wishes and discover the advantages our super minute secretaries have to offer.