Traditional recruitment and selection are expensive and elaborate. Moneypenny does the whole process online: from finding the right candidates to online job interviews. This is faster, more effective and cheaper. We select from our own unique database of highly skilled, experienced candidates but also from other sources. You can outsource the entire recruitment and selection process to our e-recruiters but you can also place your vacancy with us and do the interviews yourself. This way, you will always be flexible.

Vacancies and candidates

We are sure to have the ideal co-worker for you. Whether it concerns a home worker, an office worker, part time or full time. Moneypenny maintains its own fantastic database of more than 8,000 candidates (50% BA/masters degree, 50% community college with an average of 15 years of work experience). Secretaries, lawyers, controllers, HR specialists, customer service staff, copywriters, translators, marketing specialists, communications specialists, website developers and many more. Are you looking for a particular expertise? Chances are that we can assist you. If necessary we will also search external, online job vacancy boards.

Faster and more effective recruitment

You delegate the tasks required to your Moneypenny E-recruiter who will assess the candidates’ resumes and conduct the first round of interviews. You then only need to interview the best candidates or if you don’t want to do that either, we will take care of the next selection round as well. Moneypenny is more advanced than most recruitment and selection bureaus, which still continue to interview in the ‘regular’ way. We have been conducting online interviews for a long time past. It is faster to plan webcam interviews and they save considerable travelling time cost. In order to provide feedback we record the interviews.

Low rates

E-recruitment is super-efficient and you will benefit from extremely sharp rates. If you elect a complete recruitment process, this will obviously be on a no cure no pay basis. For e-recruitment packages we charge fixed, low rates whereby your Moneypenny E-recruiter takes over one or more of the following tasks:

  • Drawing up the job vacancy texts
  • Entering the vacancies on online job boards and social media channels
  • Screening resumes
  • Conducting (telephone) interviews
  • Conducting online job interviews