Quality in customer service

You cannot afford blunders in the customer service. Your customers want quick and adequate answers to their queries. It is damaging to your organization if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, in practice this regularly happens. Why, because a call centre is not part of your core-business!

High quality customer service

Stop worrying and outsource your customer service to the experts! We daily prove that running an effective customer service is a specialized job. Our standards are much higher in comparison with other call centres. Firstly, because of the quality of our workers who are all highly trained and have at least 15 years of experience. This makes a world of difference in the telephone conversations with your customers. Furthermore, we can save you a lot of money. Nuon, Postbus 51 and CAK are some examples of where we made the difference. Read about a practice example in our blog.

When to deploy our customer service

  • Handling in- and outbound calls
  • Handling emails
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Cleaning and updating data bases

Especially, for small or large projects, structurally or on an ad-hoc basis. Do you need to deal with peaks or catch up on your backlog? Moneypenny will handle it. We approach the problems by making optimal use of flexible working methods. If you deploy us on location (individually or as a team) we will put in self-scheduling teams.

Moneypenny specialists work on location or remotely

We prefer to set-up home-based contact centres. Our workers operate from home with the use of your system or our own ICT infrastructure. In either case you opt for individual workers at an hourly rate or for teams. We will manage the workers/teams. If desired payment will be on a piece-rate basis. If necessary, we can be supported by our partner, the internationally operating Vanad Group.

Home-based working in your own customer contact center

Is your own call centre functioning pretty adequately and you are especially interested in enhancing the quality and lowering the cost? You might consider putting in flexible home workers. This will definitely guarantee lower sickness absenteeism and less turnover. Working from home and other facets of flexible working often raise many questions. Moneypenny, the expert since 2000 knows the answers and will quickly help you to benefit from the many possibilities available.