Outsource office work

Your own flexible workforce: the Moneypenny method

That is what everybody would like: a reserve team of excellently trained professionals to take care of peaks on demand. It really is possible. With the aid of Moneypenny’s flexible non-core work force, you will be able to absorb extremely busy periods without any problem. Whether it is in the secretarial office, accounts, customer service or HR – it makes no difference. Moneypenny will provide a team of excellently qualified and well-oriented professionals for operational tasks as required. A flexible non-core Moneypenny work force will function as your very own, external reserve team with more quality and scalability than you will deem possible, thanks to flexible working.

Moneypenny’s flexible teams work remotely from home and/or on location. If you deploy home workers you will have maximal flexibility: for you can also call upon your external work force for short shifts. As no travelling time is needed, they can start working right away. And, besides resilience you still have stability: in fact you will have your own steady well-trained and very experienced work force. And even more important, they are experts in the field of flexible working and able to change gears quickly. So, you will be ensured of quality as well as results within the turnaround time agreed.

Outsourcing an entire department

Outsourcing your secretarial office, customer service or any other department means that your valuable time is no longer spent on organizational, technical or HR questions. All you need to do is hold Moneypenny accountable for the results. We can offer you an entire virtual department. Moneypenny will devise the processes and supply the necessary ICT solutions. Our experienced professionals work from their professional home offices/and or if desired, at your office location.