Moneypenny exclusively puts in experienced consultants: top-notch specialists in the future of work. The following consultants constitute the core of the Consulting & Training Team. If necessary, we use the services of experienced experts and coaches within our network, for example specialists in the field of labour legislation and ICT.

Susan Smulders, Partner

Susan received a BA degree in business administration at Nijenrode College and an IMD (MBA) at Lausanne. She gained a broad experience in the business world in marketing and as a line manager at amongst others KPN and Telfort. She obtained her consulting experience at Booz Allen & Hamilton (presently Booz & Co). The last few years she worked as an independent entrepreneur. Susan is the driving force behind Moneypenny Consulting & Training. She is very dedicated and her great asset is her ability to translate the theory and practical experience of flexible working into workable solutions of benefit to the organization and its workers. Susan on Linkedin.

Marianne Sturman, Partner

Marianne is the founder and managing director of Moneypenny with which she became one of the pioneers of the future of work. After obtaining a BA with a major in business administration in the US, Marianne received a MBA degree from the Erasmus University at Rotterdam. She worked amongst others for Xerox and Lucent Technologies. Marianne is very good at inspiring and enthusing people for the future of work and is often asked to give presentations on flexible working. Marianne’s extensive practical experience in flexible working has been collected in the consultancy unit Moneypenny Consulting & Training. In 2010 Marianne received the Porsche female entrepreneur of the year award. Marianne on Linkedin.

Denise Clarijs, Associate

Denise has a background in communications. After finishing Eindhoven College and the University of Exeter (MA in European PR) she worked for Philips in various communications jobs. After that she worked as a communications consultant for Winkelman and Van Hessen focussing on internal communication for many years. Her forte is guiding implementation processes and winning over organizations to change. Denise on Linkedin.

Anne-Lies Dubel, Associate

Anne-lies has 16 years of consulting experience in the field of strategic and organizational development. She gained internal consulting experience as director of Strategic and Organizational Development at USG People N.V. and external consulting experience as management consultant at Nolan, Norton & Co. Anne-Lies started her career at Fortis Bank, first as a management trainee and later as an office manager. She is a business administration economist and studied at the Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam and the Amsterdam College of Economics. She is capable of quickly getting a grasp of complex organizational problems, is pragmatic and able to enthuse and connect people. The future of work greatly appeals to Anne-Lies as it offers flexibility and freedom and is an answer to a number of social and organizational challenges. Anne-Lies on Linkedin.