The new world of work: implementation support

In practice it becomes evident that thinking about flexible working and introducing it are two entirely different things. With Moneypenny’s expert guidance you will build-in guarantees and prevent making beginners’ mistakes. We offer pilot and implementation programmes and if desired, can provide an excellent project or programme manager for a successful transition.

Pilot development and guidance

In our experience pilots are essential for a successful implementation. A pilot will bring out the benefits of flexible working and pinpoint resistance. You will discover if adjustments are needed in an early stage. Moneypenny offers support for the development and execution of trial programmes. Depending on the need we can guide you for example with the selection of assignments and workers, development of a project plan, training of participants and managers, devising fringe conditions, (interim) assessment of the results and their translation into follow-up.

Implementatieprogramma & verandermanagement

Our consultants can support your project or programme team with the implementation of flexible working. We can devise specific programme actions such as training sessions for managers and workshops on team arrangements. We can also help individuals and groups to learn how to work in a different way and to collaborate. For example, by means of on-line-conference training sessions. We have a portfolio of training sessions as well as work methods to draw from. This way flexible working will get a practical dimension in your organization.

Project and programme management

Perhaps you have a capable project or programme manager to successfully implement flexible working. If, however, you are in need of an external expert, Moneypenny can provide a manager who will optimally fit into your organization as regards experience and personality. We have a database of proven successful project managers and/or consultants.

Working method

Every organization is unique, reason why there are no standard solutions for the future of work. Therefore, we always start with an elaborate discussion to take stock of your organization’s specific circumstances and concrete requirements. This discussion and a possible offer do not commit you to anything. We make a proposal based on your organization’s practices. Tailored to your requirements. We may for example suggest that one of your teams attend one particular workshop. But we may also advise a trial programme, a management training programme or an entire implementation process. Our offer will exactly entail what we can do for you, how much time is needed and what it will cost. So you will know precisely where you stand if you decide to get the highest possible results by introducing flexible working with Moneypenny’s assistance.