The new world of work: professional advice

Starting point: motives and business cases

In practice, the importance of creating a good starting point for the introduction of flexible working invariably emerges. What exactly does your organization want to accomplish? What are your most important reasons? Are they shared by your stakeholders? Is the change experienced as painful by the organization at present or do you expect it to be painful in the near future? We help you to answer those questions in a balanced and adequate manner. This way a good starting point will be achieved. Subsequently, Moneypenny can also support you with making a business case in which the advantages and cost are quantified.

Advice on flexible working: internal support, vision and ‘game rules’

When implementing flexible working a shared reference framework is invaluable. Everything starts with good communication. Together we define a clear vision for the future of work, flexible working and collaboration within the organization, which we translate into a general set of rules. In addition we offer the teams tools with which to work them out further. We have special methods to create the basis for a large support.

Integral plan

To change over to flexible working is a very involved process not to be underestimated. Our extensive practical experience has resulted in a model in which all aspects of the implementation are adequately dealt with. Moneypenny’s expertise especially focuses on people, the organization and work processes. For fringe conditions such as ICT, accommodation we collaborate, if necessary, with specialized partners.

The procedure consists of an integral plan of all steps to be taken to implement flexible working, whereby all of the – for your organization – relevant subjects are dealt with. For a good many boards of directors we support, this plan also functions as a decision document.