Consultancy: the future of work

The future of work is a much-discussed subject. Flexible working is of great benefit to both organization and workers. But how do you apply it effectively? Many organizations are wrestling with this problem. Moneypenny has the answer.

The implementation of flexible working strategies

Moneypenny’s experienced team will guide you during a successful introduction and implementation of flexible working within your organisation. We support you with the policy-making, the necessary procedures and establishing the ‘game-rules’. Furthermore, we assist your teams, managers and individual workers to adjust to the new work methods. We offer comprehensive implementation and project management programmes and also practical workshops on for example leadership, conducting meetings and collaboration.

Moneypenny’s expertise

Companies and institutions know how to find us for advice and guidance as regards flexible working. For Moneypenny is considered to be the expert in the field. As every organization has its own specific needs, we carefully tailor our services to the type of work, the organization culture and the workers. Your Moneypenny consultant has a broad, practical experience. And our solutions are not standard but flexible, tailor-made and effective-proof.