The Moneypenny virtual assistants and flexible specialists are highly trained (50% BA/Masters degree, 50 % community college) and have an average of 10 years of work experience. Many of our database candidates combine work with family duties, hobbies and other activities. By being flexible, working out-of-hours if necessary, they achieve a positive work-life-balance. Does this appeal to you? Then, maybe working for Moneypenny is something for you.

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Contracts and agreements

You work for one of our client on the employer’s location, from home or a combination of both. Moneypenny offers two types of contracts:

  • You work on a temporary contract – for most assignments.
  • You work as an independent contracter.

In both cases you work very independently. You will be confronted with high quality standards and hard deadlines. Of course, you are allowed to indicate weekly the number of hours you wish to work/are available. However, we must always be able to count on your commitments.

Moneypenny als your employer

Moneypenny is not your ordinary type of employer. Moneypenny, you and the client have a triangular relationship whereby each has clearly defined responsibilities.

You yourself determine whether you want to work and compete for the jobs Moneypenny has on offer. The best candidate gets the job. Moneypenny works on the basis of the no work/no pay principle.

We expect you to have an entrepreneurial attitude and to clearly communicate with both the client and us. You will be accountable for the result. If you want to work from home, there are specific requirements for a professional home workplace to be met. And to be sure that all our flexible workers have the same high standards, we expect you to attend our training sessions a few times a year.

Virtual colleagues

No matter where and when you work for Moneypenny, you will have many virtual colleagues. You can meet them through the Moneypenny Meetingpoint, our online communications platform. There you will also find the latest topics, information on new assignments, hour-registration and a lot more.