How we work at Moneypenny

Flexible working to achieve maximal effectiveness and efficiency is the standard. The customer comes first. What matters is the result of the work performed, not the time or place of work.

Moneypenny has a central office in Spaces Zuidas, Amsterdam where we frequently receive customers and have a number of flexible workplaces. We regularly organize workshops for companies there and for the flexible workers in our database.

Our clients and staff are active in all regions of the country. Remote collaboration is the most natural thing in the world for us. The Moneypenny team often utilize the webcam for conference calls as well as for job interviews with our data base candidates. We have our own online platform for collaboration within our project teams, contacts between Moneypenny staff and our data base candidates and exchange among candidates.

With all these activities our central office functions as control room supported by a data centre at Schiphol-Rijk, hosting the ICT applications for remote collaboration.