About Moneypenny

Moneypenny and the future of work are one and the same. On April 1st 2000 we began to pioneer with  flexible staffing of home-based workers and have since then become the experts on the future of work. Our founder, Marianne Sturman (1964) was – and still is – convinced – that the 9 to 5 office hours’ principle is near its end and that flexible labour solutions have become more profitable for both employers and workers. Fast technological developments of the last few years have led to the breakthrough of remote working. At present, working ‘any time, any place’ is more effective and efficient than ever. Yet, the range of technology keeps growing, leading to new developments. Therefore, we continue pioneering to enable you to future-proof your business and work even more efficiently.

Bring in a Virtual Assistant

Today’s professionals place high value on freedom, accountability and flexibility. A large potential of first-rate workers is available for the employer willing to react to this trend. Moneypenny can put them to work for you. We have a unique database of over 8,000 smart, highly skilled, experienced assistants and specialists who work independent of time and place to a maximum possible extent. And you get top quality at low cost. Read more


You can save yourself a lot of money by smartly organizing your back office, customer service, recruitment and other support offices. By choosing for a flexible non-core workforce to meet your peaks, you will immediately be rewarded by a large decrease in labour cost. Moneypenny will help you with the adjustments, organization and staffing. You can also opt for outsourcing your non-core departments to Moneypenny. This will yield a considerable cost reduction and save you a lot of fuss. We will put together a smoothly working team. And nobody will notice it is not your own! Read more

The implementation of ‘The New World of Work’

Employers as well as workers greatly benefit from ‘The New World of Work’. However, restructuring an organization is not all that easy. Moneypenny Consulting & Training can assist you with the successful implementation and application of ‘The New Worlf of Work’. For instance with drafting the policies and establishing rules. Our experienced consultants also deal with specific topics such as leadership and collaboration. Read more